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So you’re ready to work up a bit of a sweat? I’ve got the hikes for ya! Check back for updates and new trails.

Leave a comment when you’ve completed the hike 🙂 Love to hear about your experience.

  • Hiking Mount Whitney in 18 Hours
    Hiking Mount Whitney is one of the most physically challenging things I’ve done. It’s not for the weak or the inexperienced. It’s an extremely difficult but rewarding challenge. With the right preparation, it can definitely be […]
  • 2022 Guide: Camping and Hiking Big Pine Lakes
    Table of Contents About Big Pine LakesMy 3 Day/ 2 Night ItineraryDo You Need a Permit for Big Pine Lakes?What Can You Expect Hiking Big Pine Lakes?Are Dogs Allowed in Big Pine Lakes?Where can you camp […]
  • Lawson Peak Hike (2022 Guide)
    Lawson Peak hike is one of the most unique hikes in San Diego. Although it’s only 5 miles roundtrip, the steep incline and the bouldering make this a challenging but very fun hike. You’ll gain 1,600 […]
  • Hike El Cajon Mountain (aka El Cap) San Diego
    Hiking El Cajon Mountain has been on my to do list since 2020. I am so happy to say I’ve officially conquered the beast! Why did I wait? This was my first hike over 10 miles […]
  • Local’s Guide: Three Sisters Waterfall Hike
    As an avid hiker, I make it a point to hike Three Sisters Waterfall every year. When it’s flowing, it’s such a beautiful waterfall. Before doing this hike, there’s certain things you should know and prepare […]
  • Hiking Chula Vista: Mother Miguel/ “Rock House”
    Is Mother Miguel hiking trail open? YES, from sunrise to sunset. After seeing so many hikers post their infamous Rock House photo, I decided it was time to check out the Mother Miguel hiking trail for […]
  • 5 Peak Challenge- Mission Trails Regional Park
    What is the 5 Peak Challenge? If you just moved to San Diego, one of the first hikes you’ll probably do is Cowles Mountain. It’s a great first hike if you’re new to the area. It’s […]
  • Hiking Poway: Goat Mountain
    Goat Mountain is a challenging hike away from all the crowds with great views. Located in Poway, this hiking trail starts at the end of a cul-de-sac in one of the neighborhoods and takes you up […]
  • Dog Friendly Hikes in San Diego
    As a dog owner myself, I understand the feeling of wanting to take your dog everywhere. You’ll find plenty of dog friendly hikes in San Diego. Just remember to always check the weather before hiking with […]
  • Hike Viejas Mountain- Alpine
    Viejas Mountain is located in Alpine, just 35 minutes from downtown San Diego. This was a great sunrise hike! We started at 6 AM and made it back to our cars at 8:30 AM, with a […]
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