Shasta Lake Houseboat Trip 2020

I went on my first houseboat trip when I was 8 years old, and have been hooked ever since. I’ve made so many memories on these trips- I learned to fish, rode my first jet ski, intertubed, paddle boarded, and most importantly just got to enjoy being in an area with no cell service. If a houseboat trip or Shasta Lake are not on your vacation list, you’re doing it wrong.

During covid, a houseboat trip is probably one of the safest vacations you can take. You’re on a boat in the middle of no where with your closest family members. You pack your own food and water toys. If you do it right, the only time you have to interact with other people is when you check in and fill up on gas for the jet ski.

We were able to do all the normal activities we’ve done in the past including:

  1. Intertubing
  2. Paddle boarding
  3. Jet ski riding
  4. Bonfire & smores ($3 permit needed)
  5. Fishing

We rented our houseboat from Packers Bay. All the staff were great and the boat was clean. Our trip was a total of 5 days and 4 nights. Although it was a long drive from San Diego (10 hours) this houseboat trip was absolutely worth it. We chose the Mirage 1 which came with:

  1. Hot Tub
  2. Slide
  3. Two refrigerators
  4. Five rooms and a sofa bed to sleep 14 people total
  5. Two bathrooms

What To Know Before You Go

  • we had to bring all our own blankets, sheets, pillows, and towels
  • yes, it’s dog friendly 🙂
  • there are ski boats and jet skis available for rent
  • reservations are required months in advance
  • there’s a small general store on the lake
  • permits are required to have a bonfire
  • the houseboats have AC
  • the boat comes equipped with your typical kitchen utilities like- dishes, pots, utensils, coffee maker, toaster, gas stove and oven

All in all, a great trip to Shasta Lake! Would do it again in a heartbeat.

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