Torrey Pines Beach Trail

This hike has stellar ocean views, dolphin sightings, and the trails are well marked and maintained. There is a ton of signage so you won’t get lost.

Torrey Pines Natural Reserve has many different trails but my favorite is the Beach Trail. Best part about this hike is it ends at the beach so pack a bathing suit and towel to relax on the beach when you’re done!

Here are the deets-

  • Trailhead: Google “South Beach Lot” or enter 12600 N Torrey Pines Rd
  • Distance: About 2.5 miles total
  • Dog Friendly: Nope. Leave the fur babies at home for this one.


  • Option 1 (FREE): Park off the main road in front of the beach
  • Option 2 ($15-25): Park in one of the 2 paid lots. Price varies depending on the day and season

Tip: check the tides! You can only access the beach at LOW tide.

Once you park, head up the hill until you reach the visitor center. You’ll see a sign that says “BEACH TRAIL”

Follow the signage throughout the hike until you reach the steps. There are 100 steps you go down to reach the beach. Walk back along the beach and you’re back where you started! Kind of like a big loop. I’ll post pics soon 🙂

I highly recommend to start this hike before 9am, especially if you’re looking for that free parking and to avoid the crowds. This hike is popular for a reason- can’t get these ocean views elsewhere.

Post- hike beer/ lunch- Board and Brew in Del Mar (about 5 min away). Killer sandwiches and bottled beer is available. Cheers!

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